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New ventures often face issues ranging from business model failure, insufficient funding or lack of a dedicated team. Other common problems include poor financial planning and difficulty fitting a product to its’ market.

Present a compelling argument for fundraising with a solid financial and business plan. Delight your market with an attainable strategy for a valuable, pertinent product at the right price.

Let’s tackle your challenge together.


Identify a unique selling proposition to wow the market.

Create a viable and compelling financial & business plan

Define a technical & operational strategy to prove the concept and anticipate growth.

Provide site development & maintenance solutions.

Plan marketing & communication actions to gain visibility and revenue.


Acquire more users & traffic to demonstrate interest.

Identify new business opportunities & markets to generate more revenue.

Innovate and specify new product features to outperform the competition.

Equip founders to obtain funds & negotiate partnerships.

Elaborate a roadmap & budget to articulate needs to investors.



Define KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure progress and drive decision-making.

Audit data & financials to identify issues and opportunities for improvement.

Tune pricing models to improve margin yet stay competitive.

Deploy operational tools or methodologies to improve productivity & reduce costs.

Develop a CRM program to increase brand loyalty and product usage.

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