Green Prunes "Reine Claude"

Sustainable Food and Drink

La Greco is a fine food e-shop that sources and markets products for their taste, quality, and purity of manufacture. The concept was to introduce people to new flavours and products that offer more authentic food and cooking experiences and to expose them to tastes that change their preconceived notions.


In the context of establishing and launching La Greco, we embarked on a three-year mission to understand the agricultural processes, manufacturing processes and key factors in sourcing sustainable food and drink products. Our challenge was to seek out artisans whose cultivation and processing is respectful to the environment, and brings out the authentic flavours and qualities of the ingredients.

We visited artisans and sought out hands-on experience to understand the processes behind food products before they are delivered to the table, to discern the differentiating criteria when sourcing products to fit the values of a company and its market. Results included identifying challenges, techniques, and factors that influence taste and quality.

Studying and comparing practices, ranging from beekeeping, to the process of planting and growing grapes, to exploring permaculture techniques.

Learning how artisans make quality products without artificial additives or preservatives, ranging from fruit conserves to meats.

Transformation from farm to table
Researching the processes involved in vinification, distillation and cheesemaking.