Masai woman carrying water | Wasabini

Masai Approach to Agriculture

Increasing encroachment by colonial settlers, and creation of wildlife reserves and national parks has restricted the Masai’s hunting and grazing abilities. The changes have forced them to abandon their semi-nomadic lifestyle and confined them to limited space in challenging conditions.


Our time with the Masai helped us learn about their cultivation and harvesting practices and understand the challenges they face. Of particular interest is their ability to survive and produce food in desert and scrublands, which is a potential model to help populations adapt to climate change.
  • Learned what foods can be cultivated in the severely arid climate and difficult terrain
  • Learned about local cultivation practices
  • Helped with maize harvest
  • Learned about Masai open fire cooking techniques
  • Research to explore and compare possible solutions to improve and conserve their water supply 
  • Engaged in structured problem-solving discussions