Dressing plates at La Tablée des Chefs fundraiser

Food Education & Waste Reduction

La Tablée des Chefs leads a mission to feed people in need, to develop youth culinary education, to promote smart eating, and to engage the community and industry in reducing food waste. They are a driving force behind social involvement among chefs, cooks, confectioners and food enthusiasts.


Our relationship with La Tablée des Chefs began with donating food products from the LaGreco e-shop that are approaching their expiration date for re-use in their cooking workshops at children’s homes, and at fundraising events. We also provide hands-on events assistance, and champion their mission and practices to the food enthusiasts and culinary community.
  • Product donations
  • Assistance in chef-supervised culinary workshops for disadvantaged teens
  • Event preparation and set-up assistance
Learn more about La Tablée des Chefs France ici.