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Delivering an effective omnichannel experience, deploying a scalable e-commerce platform, and customer acquisition and retention are among the many challenges e-retailers encounter. Common objectives include cost optimisation, new market launches and achieving operational excellence.

Ensure the cost of acquiring a customer (CAC) is less than his/her lifetime value (LTV). Deliver relevant, data-driven e-commerce strategies.

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Develop a unique selling proposition and adapt it digitally.

Stay ahead of competition using the Agile methodology to deploy custom features and PoCs (proof-of-concept) swiftly. 

Model product data for optimal navigation, merchandising and SEO.

Start selling online quickly with technical solutions that anticipate growth.


Migrate to an operations-friendly and scalable e-commerce platform such as SalesForce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware).

Deliver personalised content to users to get them to the most pertinent products quickly.

Identify new channels and partners to increase traffic and sales.

Launch new markets with localised features and best practices.


Maximise sales and customer experience with an omni-channel strategy.

Implement a platform approach to share technical resources and leverage budget for multi-brand groups.

Develop or enhance CRM programs to increase brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

Capitalise on data to identify site issues and innovate features targeted to increase margin and sales.

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